Hey I'm Lena, online I usually go by Andariya
(pronounced An-Daria)!
I'm a selftaught freelance artist from Germany who specializes in chibi and manga art-styles.
I mainly draw emotes, badges, panels, icons, banners and merch designs for Twitch, Discord, Twitter and other social media.

Commissions: OPEN

Please make sure you've read my Terms of Service (TOS) before commissioning me!


If you want to commission me, you can send me a message to any of these platforms:
Twitter: @Andariya_Art
Instagram: andariya_
E-Mail: via the contact form down below

The best and easiest way to contact me will be through Twitter DMs. If you do not have a Twitter account, my Instagram and E-Mail work aswell but bare in mind that those may have a slower response timeIf you have contacted me via E-Mail allow me up to 5 business days to get back to you, if I haven't replied by then, please try to mail me again in case the first mail has landed in my spam folder.We may also be in different time zones, so please be patient as it might take me a while to respond. My time zone is CET (Central European Time).Please make sure you have an idea in mind so that you're able to send me a rough description and are also able to include references if needed.

Contact Form


All my prices are fixed and cannot be negotiated!


Emotes come as .png in a .zip file.
Sizes 28x28px - 56x56 px - 112x112px
If any other size is needed please inform me.

  • One Emote | 15€

  • Three Emotes | 40€

  • Five Emotes | 70€

  • Ten Emotes | 125€


Badges come as .png in a .zip file.
Sizes 18x18px - 36x36 px - 72x72px
If any other size is needed please inform me.

Base Design | 10€

  • + 5€ Recolor / ea.

  • + 8€ Evolving / ea.

  • + 10€ Unique / ea.

Bundle Price (5 Badges)

  • Recolor | 25€

  • Evolving | 35€

  • Unique | 45€

Animated Emotes

Commissions for animations currently CLOSED

Animated Emotes come as .gif in a .zip file.
Sizes 28x28px - 56x56 px - 112x112px
Starting at 25€ per Emote.
Price may vary depending on the complexity of the emote.

Chibi Illustrations

Comes as .png in a .zip file.
Icon size is 2000x2000px (300 DPI) | Banners for Social Media are 300 DPI the size depends on the platform.
If any other size is needed or wanted please inform me.

  • Headshot | 20€

  • Bust Up | 25€

  • Half Body | 30€

  • Full Body | 40€

Additional charges may apply for additional characters or depending on complexity.
Message me about your idea if you want to know about the exact cost.

Twitch Panels

Panels come as .png in a .zip file.
If any specific size is needed please inform me.

Base Design (without Chibi/changing icons) | 15€
+ 2€ for ea. additional

Base Design (with Chibi/changing icons) | 20€
+ 10€ for ea. additional

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service can be subject to change without prior notice. By commissioning me you confirm that you have read and accept these Terms of Service.

  • Payment must be made through PayPal only. I will send an invoice.

  • Order must be paid in full upfront before I start working on the commission.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission that would make me uncomfortable.

  • I will not complete the commission until the sketches are approved. The longer the approval takes the longer the delivery will take, too.

  • My usual turnaround time is ~5 days, this may vary depending on how full my waitlist is. Ask me if you want a rough estimate.

  • Unlimited major revisions during sketch phase. Once the sketch is approved I will only do minor revisions until 14 days after. Otherwise additional charges may apply.

  • No refunds, unless there was an error on my end.

  • I'm not responsible if Twitch declines your emotes.

  • Rushes/Priority commissions cost +50% more.

  • I reserve the right to post the (watermarked) commission. If you need it to be a secret for a while, please inform me.

  • All deliveries are digital only.

  • You do not have the right to use my work commercially (outside of Twitch, Discord, YouTube), resell, modify or change it. This prohibition also applies to the usage of my work as an NFT.

  • If you want to use the art commercially (e.g. merchandise), you are obligated to inform me about it so we can talk about commercial and resale rights.

  • You are allowed to post the artwork that you have commissioned however you must give clear credit back to me.

  • If you have commissioned art for Twitch, I would appreciate to be attributed as an artist for the channel; my name on Twitch is Andariya - [How to credit]


  • Any Humanoid

  • Animals

  • OCs

  • Anything that's not listed as don't


  • Mecha / Furry

  • NSFW

  • Spiders

  • Tracing / Copying


If you want to support me and my work, you can send me a tip on Kofi! It's never needed but always appreciated ♥
There you can also find my shop with premade emotes and badges.

You can also browse and mark my shops as favorites, follow me on social media or recommend me to your friends. Every bit of support helps me do what I love.


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